Career Opportinuties

Architecture has been one of the rudimentary knowledge, from past to present. As architects can establish their private offices, there has been a demand in public sector, as well (Municipalities, Ministry of Public Works, Turk Telecom, Electricity Works, Road Works, etc.). All architects who obtain an official approval from the Chamber of Architects can start up their individual offices, establish building inspection companies, after completion of necessary courses they can be valuation experts at banks and private companies. Additionally, private sector is also an area which provide jobs for architects. Companies, especially realising the impotance of designs with an impact, e.g. kitchen, doors, decoration companies etc., employ architects. Construction sites also need architects who can undertake professional application responsibilities. Architects represent a special area of responsibility as project managers, especially in large scale and technologically advanced construction sites. Architects who want to go further ahead with project and site management usually prefer doing MBA. Considering all areas of education, taking newly established private and state universities into account, academic-teaching jobs constitute a considerable amount among other areas. Universities being elite and respected atmospheres, teaching jobs are among attractive job opportunities for students of architecture. Apart from these options, graduates of architecture are open to interdisciplinary work, as architecture is among the basic areas of design. Number of architects who work in areas like decoration, industrial design, publicity, graphical design is considerably high.