Features of the Program

Architecture is one of the main components of construction sector which is considered to be related to almost 200 industrial area. This is a very important point affecting the demand to this department. In the developing countries like Turkiye, the work capacity of construction sector has almost never been completely down. As its graduates do not experience problems with finding jobs and the profession is regarded prestigious in socio-cultural circumstances, Department of Architecture is usually high in demand. 
Nuh Naci Yazgan University, Faculty of Fine Arts and Design, Department of Architecture’s curriculum, prepared based on national and international examples, is consisted of such courses that the students could be benefited from the opportunities brought by globalisation, and become succesful in public and private sectors. 
As our university participated in Bologna Process, structures of undergraduate programs were designed accordingly. Resulting in this process, as Department of Architecture will be accredited by the primary accreditation authorities, our students will get the opportunity to be educated complying with European standards, and they will be benefited from the other advantages of this process (mobility, quality guaranty, diploma supplement, etc.)