Aims of the Program

Kayseri is both economically and industrially a developing city, and gets immigrants for these reasons. Erciyes, which is excellent for winter tourism, and Cappadocia, where Kayseri was once its capital, support liveliness in Kayseri. This dynamic structure brings along spatial challenges and the need for change. Nevertheless, there is cultural heritage in need of protection, both in city and in its environs. It can only be possible with well-educated and sufficient number of architects to protect identity of this city, as well as designing the needed urban arrangements and new buildings. The main objective of Nuh Naci Yazgan University, Faculty of Fine Arts and Design, Department of Architecture is to graduate architects who can challenge with the city’s, and our country’s architectural and urban scale problems without giving up their professional ideals.  

This objective aims at individuals who possess the knowledge and skills necessitated by contemporary developments, who are professionally competent, with improved analytical thinking and problem solving skills, constructive, researching, enterprising, productive, and believing that architecture is not only an individualistic activity but also a team work. Who are also sharing, following technological achievements and making use of them with a broad look into events. The targeted graduate profile also depicts professionals who are sensitive to environment, appreciating cultural values and conscious to protect them, respecting cultural and ethical values, who are self-confident, caring to improve their knowledge and expertise, and can adapt their knowledge for different design problems, as well as respecting their profession and feeling excitement towards designing.